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Countdown to Christmas - Holiday Countdown Book 1 - Paperback

Countdown to Christmas - Holiday Countdown Book 1 - Paperback

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Welcome to Winterwood… a small town with more heart than people!

“Fans of Rachael Bloome and Rachael Lucas will love this new series by Dianna Houx!”

When Grace is told it's unlikely Granny will live to see another Christmas, she comes up with a unique plan to transform her home into a festive inn for the holidays, offering an authentic, old-fashioned Christmas experience to her guests. To make her plan a reality, Grace must convince her small-town community to get on board and help her bring her vision to life. Along the way, she meets a diverse group of people who all have their own issues and struggles, but they come together at the inn to celebrate the holiday season and find hope and joy in the midst of their challenges.

If you love, small-town, holiday romances, you'll love Countdown to Christmas. A story about love, family traditions, and memories that last a lifetime.

About This Paperback

Book 1 in the Holiday Countdown Series

Countdown to Christmas can stand on its own as an independent work, making it a terrific gift or stocking stuffer, but most readers will fall in love with the characters and discover the rest of the series is a gift that keeps on giving.

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Editorial Reviews

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review:

Dianna Houx succeeds in creating a holiday story that is classic Hallmark in its positivity, problem-solving experiences, and emotionally connective characters, from Grace's initial mandate to return Christmas to holiday hearts to capturing "the vibe of a big, happy family" that is intrinsic to creating a quality of life, especially in one's later years.


"Countdown to Christmas" by Dianna Houx is an amazing romance book that expertly blends elements of romance, family, and friendship in a beautifully written story.

 Deborah Stone,

Dianna Houx presents a quintessential Christmas story with all the twists and turns needed to keep you intrigued. 

Emily Quinn, A Quintillion Words:

Oh my goodness, how can only one chapter of a book instantly fill me with hope, love, joy, warmth and the magic of Christmas?! Not only that, but it just felt like a really cosy Christmas book from the very first few pages – I knew I’d love it. Read the whole review at Quintillion Words here

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